Self-Described Trendsetter Dyes Hair Ombre Blonde
Self-Described Trendsetter Dyes Hair Ombre Blonde

Unlike most Asian party girls in their 20’s, Sandy Le doesn’t follow the status quo, according to herself.

The high-end retail assistant’s belief that she is in fact, different, was made public today as she paid homage to her newest ombre blond dyed hair colouring in a short Instagram post.

“Thank you @HairByDalena for the colour X. I’m literally speechless.”

But it’s not just the hair that shows Sandy is a setter and not a follower, of trends. Look no further than her idiosyncrasies for proof, she explains.

“I push the envelope. Stylistically and culturally of course.”

First of all, she’s a massive fan of gigs, concerts and music festivals. Especially those that deviate from the cookie-cutter path of trance and hardstyle. In fact, last year Sandy  had an experience at Listen Out festival that was entirely unique to her, and her only.

“Vibes were on point but there was a few clashes at mainstage and the side stage,” she tells The Native.

“No one I know has a wide enough music taste to enjoy both Snakehips, Years & Years and ASAP Rocky, so it was shit for me in that sense, to have to choose one.”

To separate herself further from the crowd, Sandy also wore her septum piercing to Listen Out and claims she does to most gigs as it’s ‘pretty alternative hey’.

“The septum brings out my edges”

“Like it’s subtle, but also says hey, I’ve been stabbed in the nose as well as the heart.”

“Sometimes I even wear a low crop top that shows off my cherry blossom shoulder tattoos to remind me of the past. Just like that Jordan Sparks song, Tattoo.”

In the interest of journalistic balance, our reporter Jimmy Casino decides to stalk Sandy’s best friend Eugenia on Instagram whilst Sandy revels in her own awesomeness.

“Looks like they both went silver around the same time,” whispers Jimmy. “And took candit photos of each other at Listen Out last week”

“But Eugenia’s been posting screenshots of her favourite Tyga tracks on story today”

“Which may give her the slight edge over Sandy. Haha”

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