Local Weird Cunt Attends Silk Nightclub Without Cheating On Significant Other

A young male has triggered the Pan-Asian community of Melbourne today.

Louie San (21) did so after it was confirmed he left Silk nightclub the previous night, without cheating on his girlfriend.

Regular attendees of the club were quick to remind us that the normal thing to do at Silk involved cheating on your significant other while they were at home studying, before being exposed on a University Love Letter Page.

“You don’t just go Silk without putting your fingers in the cookie jar” said Sylvia Zhang, a girl who Louie respectfully passed on.

“You can save your morals for those weird cunts at OPM Sydney”

At this point, Sylvia’s tone began to get aggressive.

“Like bro, being loyal and committed to someone you love, that’s fucking wack aye”  

“I mean, we live in Melbourne, not the fucking  Notebook.

“He’s not Ryan Gosling and I’m barely Rachel McAdams.”

To get his side of the story, we spoke to Louie over the phone.

“What ever happened to good old fashion loyalty?”

“Love the way you wish to be loved, I say”

Unfortunately for Louie, his good intentions have also come off as weird to his girlfriend Anna, who hasn’t picked up any of his calls since.

“How can I respect someone who doesn’t cheat on me in public? Little bitch”

More spice to come.

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