Lonely Planet Updates Thailand Guide To Truly Capture The Market

In a move considered genius by the tourism industry, The Lonely Planet have added a new sex destination twist to their award winning guide “Thailand. Top sights, authentic experiences”. Effective immediately, the guide will be renamed as “Thailand. Top sights, authentic brothels”.

It’s been reported that sales orders have since tripled since the update, outselling Lonely Planet Bali and other heavyweights like Crazy Rich Asians (Paperback) and The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck, with no sign of slowing down.

“It’s been absolute pandemonium” said Dymocks sales assistant and bookworm, Siobhan McAddison.

“Who would’ve thought tradies had the mental capacity to read?”


The guide which typically changes nothing yet packages itself as a new edition each year  (e.g 2017 -> 2018) will instead pack fresh and highly researched tips this instalment, reveals co-author Tobias Farlington.

“There’s something in there for every type of sex tourist.”

The self-described ‘storyteller’, elaborates passionately,

“There’s Chapter 6: Local brides. That’s for 50 year old divorcees looking for long term hire”

“Then there’s Chapter 9: Bi-curious delights. This ones for tradies looking to bag a surgically made lady.”

The guide even has a chapter for first time sex tourists, promises Tobias.

“If you’re still a virgin check out the Happy Ending chapter.”

“We’ve added the best places for a full-service massage, with an 80% chance of being hustled into spending your weeks budget.”

“But don’t worry, you’ll feel like a man after.”

“We also ensured to include ‘best locations to buy a cold one and watch the footy’. We’re extremely proud of the detail gone into this issue.”

Sources within the editorial team state the idea began early this year, when a quick trends analysis revealed over 5000 searches each month for the term “best brothels in Thailand.”

“We simply couldn’t ignore the largest demographic any longer. It would’ve been marketing suicide.”

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