Mate Who Just Started Jiu Jitsu Reckons They Could Judge With Joe Rogan

Bruce Park (21, former bully in high school) has always had a fighting streak in his blood. Since he started training at 10th Planet BJJ in Melbourne to getting his first stripe on white belt, Bruce now reckons he’s the next yellow-George St. Pierre. 

“Learned arm bars the other night, don’t fuck with me lads”, Bruce drops in the group chat one night after training. 

On Sunday afternoon with the boys, the latest UFC is being streamed on Bruce’s best friend, Benson’s Foxtel subscription, with KFC wicked wings, Hot and Spicy recipe and Asahi Superdry on deck. 

“You guys got Supercharge sauce right?!” Commanded the new group alpha Bruce. 

As the fights commence, Bruce assumes the role of ‘fight commentator’, something every group of lads needs to achieve meathead status. 

“DON’T DO THAT, RAISE THE HIPS TO GET LEVERAGE ON THE ARMBAR!!” Bruce yells at the TV right after Joe Rogan mentions the same feedback for Nate Diaz. 

“Can you shut the fuck up Bruce? Just let us watch it, you’re only a white belt” Benson replies with the agreement from the other boys.

“I’ll take your back”” Bruce replies with a serious tone. “All of you bitches”

“After a few lessons, you see way more things in the Octagon than the average rookie, it’s okay if you don’t get it…”

“Your Jiu Jitsu is nothing if I glass you in the face dude” 

After the UFC finishes, the boys are still yet to satisfy their sports fix. The channel swaps to the NBA playoffs.

“Is that all you’ve got Kyrie?! Defend Giannis properly, follow the hips!!!”

A week later, Bruce was removed from the Whatsapp boys group.


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More martial arts meathead antics to come. 

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