Despite his hard exterior, Khánh Le (27) wants you to know there is depth in his life.

Even if it’s just a sprinkle.

Walking through Cabra-Vale Diggers Club, covered from shoulder to hand in a variety of koi fish, flower and Japanese-style tattoos, the poker machine enthusiast has one message to all the haters out there.

“You don’t know my story brah.”

“You might see my ink and judge me but I’m not like those other cats.”

And he’s right.

Khánh Le was ‘incredibly traumatised’ just over a year ago when his beloved Mitsubishi Evo 10 was forced off the road.

“Legit write-off cuz”, he begins.

Although it might of been completely his own fault, Khánh Le tells our editor that he was ‘practically disabled’ after it meant he could no longer provide Deliveroo-type service with mass-MDMA orders.

“Like I didn’t have no injuries.”

“But for 3 months I couldn’t drop off gear when my customers called.”

“Ever heard of microeconomics brothar? That’s high demand and no supply.”

The Young and Dangerous devotee slowly rolls up a sleeve on his Polo Ralph Lauren sweater, revealing a colourful dragon piece.

“This ones for her” he says pensively.

“Cos I used to burn cunts on the road”.

After a brief pause to catch himself, Khánh snaps out of it.

“Always, time for a slap. Black or red?”

Without an answer, Khánh, incorrectly, slaps black on the $300 feature.

$300 is effectively sent down the Five Dragons machine, along with this weeks hopes and dreams.

“Got a spare durry?”

More spice to come.

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