MC Loses Client After Not Holding Fake Laugh Long Enough
MC Loses Client After Not Holding Fake Laugh Long Enough

MC Loses Client After Not Holding Fake Laugh Long Enough


Local ENFP, Sebastian Tobias Lew (27), has always thought of himself as a people person.

Lew’s combination of self belief, empathy and ability to build rapport with strangers is what landed himself a job as an associate at one of Sydney’s top boutique management consulting firms.

It’s also what’s just lost him a big financial services client, for the very same firm.

“Why didn’t you just hold your laugh longer” Sebastians boss Michael was heard grilling the 3rd year employee shortly after. “Heard of etiquette mate?

As small talk between Michael and client Make Insurance Great Again kicked off, Sebastian fired away a canned chuckle as soon as Michael gave him the signal.

“Hahahahahaha!” shrieked Sebastian as the insurance-tech CEO Ryan, made a not-funny joke about the recent bushfires. 

“Totally agree Ryan! We need more rain hahaha”

At this point however, Sebastians empathetic side kicked in: Maybe it wasn’t a joke? Or perhaps maybe it was a test?

Sebastian quickly wrapped up the laugh and pivoted to business  “So should we talk about the deliverables for January?”

There would be no talk of deliverables as a visibly upset Ryan, walked out of the meeting.

“I’m sorry Michael, but we can’t do business with people who treat us like we’re a faceless suit”

“I mean, it was clearly a joke and I’m clearly funny, so it would be great if your team could hold the laugh for at least what the joke was worth.”

When asked what was appropriate, Ryan told the Native ‘10-15 seconds’.


Sebastian has since been sent to this years Melbourne Comedy Festival on a $3,000 training trip to improve his sense of humour. Michael was able to convince the client to come back after laughing hysterically about Ryan’s take on the tate of coffee in keep cups over the phone. 

More spice to come.

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