McDonalds Break The Market With Butter Chicken Dipping Sauce

An innovation labeled the greatest thing since sliced garlic naan has hit McDonalds restaurants nationwide today, as the fast food giant introduces Butter Chicken Dipping Sauce for your nuggets.

The sauce that has everyone wondering ‘why this took so long to invent’ is the greatest bastardisation of Asian culture since Rick and Morty made Szechuan sauce mainstream again.

“Even though they say it’s mild, we find it very spicy,” said a local mum, who just grabbed a 24 pack of McNuggets for herself and kids. “But it’s so worth it! I don’t even care that they charge you extra for sauce, this is amazing.”

McDonalds stock prices have taken a sharp turn for the better as they struggle to keep up with the increasing demand.

“Mo money, mo problems!” Says the McDonalds CEO as he makes a snow angel in his pile of $100 bills.

“You’ve got to love it when you don’t need to create new ideas, just colonise existing ones.”


Introducing our first ever merch:

The LB x LG Tee


More mild butter chicken to come.


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