Med Student Wastes Precious Seconds Interacting With Physio Pleb

“The audacity”

A post-grad med student at Monash University has just wasted ‘seconds she’ll never get back’ by interacting with a local physio student.

During a general ethics tutorial, Rebecca Ling was enjoying a light browse of medical-related meme pages on Facebook, when a plebian by the name of Jeremy Ho sat by her desk.

“Hey stranger! looking to partner up  for this crazy survey…you game?”

Slowing looking up from her phone to Jeremy, who was neither dressed in chinos nor boat shoes, Rebecca mentally threw Jeremy into her Allied Health Bin.

“Umm, I’d rather not. I’ve just had bad experiences in the past with, you know…you people.”

“Thanks but no thanks.”

Ms. Ling couldn’t stay for comment after class as she had to run to Med Revue tryouts, but was later heard backstage talking to her fellow MedSoc members about the ordeal.

“Cann you believe the peasant spoke in my presence?”

“Then he asks if we could actually do a group project together.”

*Gasp echoes through stage curtain*

“The audacity” says what sounds like a surgery student.

More med-elitism to come.

Med-soc approved.

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