Melbourne Drug Dealer Hopes Meat Fruit By Heston Is Enough To Keep Girlfriend Loyal

“Wait take another one babe. You can’t see the ‘Hest’,she said.

“Maybe try without the flash? Make sure you get my heels”

David Truong simply smiled and obliged in helping his missus curate the perfect shot for Instagram.

Given Vivienne Nguyen’s last outburst at Gong Cha, when David ordered pearls instead of rainbow fucking jelly, David is actually quite happy to help with this request.

“We will have the sparkling water thanks. San Pellegrino” she said.

“I saw Lily Maymac drink it babe. Don’t give me that look”

David smiled once again and nodded at the overly polite waiter.

It’s a drop in the ocean considering the time Vivienne threatened to leave him for her ex Pete, when David bought Michael Kors instead of Louis Vuitton.

Or the argument that happened yesterday, when Mr. Truong accidentally called Viv by her best friends name, Jenny, who he is also trying to sleep with.

“This is the Meat Fruit. Joyeux anniversaire babe”

David, inspired by the French ambience, thought he’d take his try at romanticism. It’s a small price to pay for the mid-level drug dealer, if he hopes to renew his sexual relationship with the Springvale-based makeup artist for another year.

Or so he thought.

“Fuck sakes babe can you not talk while I narrate my story?”

See artist depiction of Vivienne below:

Vivienne, who was unable to capture the moment for her social following to see, began to trigger the few remaining brain cells she had into overdrive.

Is his dirty money really worth it if she can’t get her likes in peace? Why can’t he just be like Pete? Or that other drug dealer Joey? Has Joey been working out lately?

Now trying to find Joey Huynh’s Instagram, Vivienne stumbles upon the profile of Sydney-based makeup artist, Selina Do. Selina seemed to have good time last year at The Quay.

“Snow Egg – Tastes as good as it looks” reads the caption.

Vivienne looks at photo, then up at David and then back at her phone screen. She wonders…could the grass be greener on the other side?

“I wanna go Sydney for Defqon babe”


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More turbulent drugdealer x fuck girl relationships to come.

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