After a brief getaway to the big lights of Sydney, a mild-mannered Asian bloke has returned to Perth as a certified hardcunt.

The man in question, Joey Huynh (26), now even has his own hashtag – #HardcuntHuynh. But more on that in a second.

Speculation of Joeys status as a hardcunt began during his trip, when he first posted a status letting all 600 of his Facebook friends know that he’d made the switch to Telegram.

“If you need to hit me up get Telegram, WhatsApp is sus as fuck”

Mr Hunyhs hardcunt status was officially confirmed tonight upon Joeys arrival at Jandakot airport.

“Sydney was a hectic kickback disdat. LGs for days cuz”

“Know anyone who can get a bag for tonight? If not, no stress lads eets”

Not sure how to respond at first, Joe’s best friend and driver, Matthew Cheng, turned and scanned his boy. Seeing a fresh fade and neck tat on Joey, Matthew had no choice but to put it on the Gram’.

“Fuck you’re a hardcunt”

Since Mr Cheng published the post about an hour ago, he’s received an overwhelming number of comments including #ShitneyBoy and #HardcuntHuynh.

Sources say that Joey has repeatedly DM’ed his best friend telling him to either take the photo down or get shanked for being a chat cunt.

More spice to come.

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