Optimistic White Girl Brings Keep Cup To Boba  Shop

Optimistic White Girl Brings Keep Cup To Boba Shop

A young journalism student from Melbourne has today been forcefully escorted from Chinatowns Gong Cha.

It’s believed Renee Elenour (25) was removed from the premise shortly after whipping out her personal keep cup.

“No!” Said the attendant Wei Peng Chao as Renee got ready for her Matcha Milk Tea. “Plastic only! No!”

Onlookers say the attendant then alerted management who successfully dragged the Communications Major out by the ear before yelling:

“We have no time for your western feminism here! Try Cha Time instead!”

Renee, who has worked at a progressive  tech startup for the past three years and who now reads Pedestrian.tv regularly tweeted the following on her way home.

“Gong Cha – you’ve been cancelled”

More spice to come.

Editor’s note: Renee also took up Veganism this year and thinks Dave Chapelles new special Sticks and Stones isn’t funny.

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