To all those worried HSC students out in the wild,  feeling the weight of their parents unattainable expectations of success on their shoulders, stop whinging.

To all the Fairfax writers criticising my parental tactics and the selective schools system, kill yourselves.

It takes roughly 40,000 PSI of water pressure to cut a natural diamond into shape.

That converted into Pressure from Asian Parents (PFAP) equates to roughly $30,000 in tuition and 50 hours of dinner time conversations around work ethic.

You think that doesn’t take work?

It’s countless litres of tears (blood, sweat and).

But the result?

A finely cut band 6 student across physics and extension 2 mathematics and English.

Success and bragging rights at the dinner table if you ask me.

Jesus turned water into wine, Elon Musk built an electric car and I made my child studious.

Get over it.

Polly Wong

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