Persian Woman Swears Her Nose Is Real
Persian Woman Swears Her Nose Is Real

Persian Woman Swears Her Nose Is Real

“Tanya Hadid is looking kind of hot. Has she been working out?”

The Persian sensation has caught the eye of her former high school classmates at the mini-reunion organised by her peers. However James, who sat across her in General Maths can’t shake the feeling that there’s a little more going on beneath the surface.

“Was her nose always that straight?” He thinks to himself. “We used to call her ‘Parrot-Face’ because her face looked beaky.”

James turns to Facebook to confirm his suspicions but it appears Tanya is already 2 steps ahead of him. Strangely enough she’s deleted any photos pre-dating 2017. Fortunately Lauren who was in her group still has her high school album.

Studying his phone closely, James confirms that Tanya’s nose is straight as a ruler in comparison to their formal photos. Feeling proud of his heightened sense of awareness, James puts his phone away and rejoins the party.

Meanwhile, every woman at the party had observed Tanya’s plastic surgery the moment they walked in. Fortunately for Tanya most girls in the room have had their lips done so no one addresses it.

More spice to come.

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