Darren Cho (26) is a qualified physiotherapist at a popular CBD gym. This makes him one of 4 other allied health practitioners at the facility.

Although Darren happily exchanges patient referrals with the massage therapist James, and shares recipes with the dietician Karren, he’s never interacted with the chiro, Michael…until today.

On the way out post shift, Darren suddenly sensed what he would later explain as a “conflicting ideology” walking towards him.

And that’s when he accidentally dropped his right shoulder square into the chest of Michael.

“Ouch! What the fuck dude?”

“Oh I’m sorry, did I hit something? Maybe you can go give yourself an adjustment. That should do the trick” offered Darren sincerely before adding:

“Actually wait, you might need to come back the week after and then maybe the week after that”.

The former exercise sports science student continued to walk away with a grin on his face whilst a shocked Michael rubbed his chest before calling The YAP Native office.

“Physios man..”

“I’d give him a free adjustment, but I’m not sure if attitude can be adjusted”

“The dudes just mad that I’ve got better le sales acumeñ then him. “

“Does anyone’s neck hurt at the office btw? I’m offering a free first consult atm.”

Darren, who we called shortly after, insists that it was an accident and that Michael should seek the help of Physio if he is still in pain.

“I won’t treat the pain…but that’s because I believe in a long-term prevention plan.”

And because I’m better than everyone else” muttered back our reporter in Darren’s voice, after forgetting to press mute.

“The fuck you just say?” replied Darren before the connection cut out.

More on this situation as it unfolds.

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