Piano Tutor Immune From Coronavirus Apparently
Piano Tutor Immune From Coronavirus Apparently

Piano Tutor Immune From Coronavirus Apparently

Not off the hook

Even though the novel coronavirus has forced the halt of many extra curricular activities like Saturday Soccer, for one surbuban teenaager, it’s business as usual.

Edwina Quach (14) will continue to play piano. 

That’s because her piano tutor Karina is paid by Edwinas Mum. Edwina’s Mum is Asian, and has personally guaranteed that Karina is immune from the coronavirus.

“No you keep play piano” Mum responds when asked whether or not breaking lockdown rules is okay. 

“Karina can’t get sick she only teach piano, go nowhere dirty it’s okay” 


“Now go practice Fur Elise before she get here”

Although it’s probably not the best idea to have someone from another household in their own home, Edwina’s parents simply do not give a fuck.

After all, progressing Edwina from grade 4 to grade 5 in piano this year is an important part of their plan to ensure Edwina  is ‘well-rounded and smart’ as her Dad often boasts to family friends.

*Includes music, but not sports. 

With their total math and piano tutoring investment in Edwina sitting at $10,000, it unlikely that a little virus will change a thing.

More spice to come.

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