Pisces Under Enough Stress to Do a Few Lines Tonight

Jupiter’s alignment with the Saturn’s moon Titan has sent Neha Rashid’s energy spiralling as the Pisces struggles to cope with work this week.

Luckily it’s Friday and Neha’s colleagues haven’t had a ‘sesh’ in a while.

“Oh my God it’s totally meant to be,” Neha informs her colleagues. “My horoscope said that I need to take some time off to spend with my friends!”

“Ugh,” thinks Tom to himself as he winces through his smile.

“Me and the guys downstairs are heading out at 5, offers Tom. “Day for it haha,” he says tapping his nose.

Although Tom resents Neha’s astrology bullshit, Neha’s exotic female presence helps them get in to clubs.

“I just need to blow off some steam,” says Neha. “Neptune’s entry in to it’s last quarter means I should find myself tonight, even if it’s at the bottom of a bag.”


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