PT Practices Intermittent Peaking At Raves

It’s 2019, and for one health conscious personal trainer, that means practicing what he calls Intermittent Peaking (IP) at overnight raves.

“That means no caps until 7pm and no more dunks after the sun comes up” Jeremy Yoon (23) told The Yaplife Podcast last week.

The exercise and sports science undergrad, who hopes to one day publish a cutting-edge book on dieting, says he transitioned to Intermittent Peaking (IP) after getting shredded as fuck from Intermittent Fasting.

“I’ve always considered myself a pioneer”

“A life-experimenter, an A-B tester, if you will”

“So I thought to myself, if I can get an 8-pack from eating within an 8 hour window…what health benefits can I get by taking MDMA in an 8 hour window?”

After testing out IP over at Midnight Mafia (2019) , the Wellness Expert wrote down the following in his Iphone notes to confirm at Festival X this weekend:

  • Mad social during warmup sets yeah good energy
  • Max peak during main act
  • No muscle lost
  • Slight jaw pain but bearable
  • No scat, fuck yeah
  • More raves in the long run

Referring to his notes numerous times during the podcast, the Fitness First casual says there’s no doubt in his mind that Intermittent Peaking is a success. Jeremy believes he’ll present the findings in a thesis this year.

“I’m ready to change the game”

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