Red-Faced Groomsmen Indicates Arrival Of Hennessy XO Cognac To Wedding

A seemingly tame wedding at Vogue Ballroom in Melbourne’s East has just been taken up a notch.

Although on track for a 10pm finish, the return of a red-faced groomsmen to his seat, along with a friendly slap to the back of his head, indicates that copious amounts of Hennessy XO Cognac have already been consumed.

10 minutes earlier

“Wait here” he whispered to the table. “Just making sure they bring the fried rice out”

Perry Cheng, the youngest of three groomsmen and brother of the groom, was put in charge of making the celebration of Arthur & Julie run smoothly.

After the bride and grooms dance, a toast from both families and a soon to be served 7th course at the guest tables, it was time to ‘send it’ in true French-colonial style.

Walking up to one of the orientally-dressed Silk Catering waiter’s, Perry pretended to check on the food.

“Are the Henny bottles cold yet”, said the casual alcoholic to as he slipped a 50 dollar bill into the young host’s pocket.

“They’re cold yeah?”

After spending around 25 minutes taste-testing half a bottle, Perry was ready to share the good news (and a round of shots) with the boys.

Walking back to the table, he winked at the bridal party before receiving a sharp dirty from the bride.

“Rice is on the way girls”.

More spice to come.


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