Report: Anglo-Indian Doesn't Have An 'Indian Name'
Report: Anglo-Indian Doesn’t Have An ‘Indian Name’

Report: Anglo-Indian Doesn’t Have An ‘Indian Name’

“No, really! My name is Colin”

Colin Chandra has once again had to reiterate his family’s Portuguese-Indian ancestry to his new work colleagues.

“My parents are from Goa which was under Portuguese Colonial influence until the British came through” he tells colleagues at his new job. After repeating the same history lesson to people in high school Colin is frustrated with people’s shock at his Anglo White name.

“Ha ha but what’s your real name bro?” Says Sam from the Northern Beaches. 

“I know I look heaps Indian but who gives a shit?”

“There’s like a million Asian Kevin’s and no one questions shit!”


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“Read a fucking history book, or google it. There’s a billion people in India we don’t all have curry names.”

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