Report: Vietnamese Coffee Better Than Sex
Report: Vietnamese Coffee Better Than Sex

Report: Vietnamese Coffee Better Than Sex

A report by the Culinary Institute of South East Asia has found Vietnamese coffee to be more enjoyable than having sex.

The variation of traditional western coffee, or Cà phê sữa đá, was found to unlock 3 times as much serotonin than sex and is a whopping 470% more addictive on a day to day basis.

Across the 5 day study, the institute observed 40 couples at a secluded retreat. 

Half of which had unlimited access to Vietnamese Coffee but no sex (Group A) and the other half able to have sex, but no access to coffee (Group B).

“We noticed a greater pupil dilation in Group A” says lead research Minh Tin Vu.

“Users in Group A went for coffee about 10 times a day, whereas Group B only had sex about 1-2 times a day.”

Further research by The Native has uncovered that one of the female participants in Group B (sex group) even broke into the room of one of the group A’s couples after she noticed the scent of sweet hazlenut infused coffee beans.

“Yes, I broke in” says Alicia Pham (27) “But I couldn’t resist. It brought me back to my childhood.”

When asked if she really thinks it’s better than being intimate with her partner:

“Bens great, but I could swallow condensed milk all day if I had too”

More on this story to come.

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