Rich Brian Changes Name To Poor Brian After Taking Lily MayMac On Date
Rich Brian Changes Name To Poor Brian After Taking Lily MayMac On Date

It’s official. Rich Brian is rich no longer.

Once known as Rich Chigga, the Indonesian hip-hop superstar has caused internet waves by changing his name yet again.

“You have call me Poor Brian” writes Mr Immanuel via Facebook status earlier this morning.

“I have to represent who I truly am. And right now I’m fucking broke sonnnn.”

The expensive date everyone is talking about

The announcement comes not long after Mr Immanuel and semi-famous Instagram influencer Lily MayMac were spotted momentarily on a date last week.

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“I saw her upload a Snapchat story with Rich Chigga at some fancy restaurant” says Kacey Aquila (18), an avid fan of both. “It’s deleted now tho.”

According to stars’ agent Jeremy Long, Brian’s plan to show Lily his $tick was ‘incredibly short sighted’.

“I get it she’s gorgeous”

”But did you have to take her and her Mum shopping at Calvin Klein too? Was fine dining at the Shangri La not enough?”

Speaking candidly to The Native however, Brian agrees it was a mistake.


“I thought I was a rich chigga. But not $47 salad entrees rich.”  

It’s since been revealed that Mr Immanuel even included the brand influencer in one of his music videos as ‘the main hoe’.

“It turned out fine’ says Brian, “but she insisted on a reshoot. Then another. Then another. She has to know we can’t keep reshooting like 50 times, make-up is expensive. We’re not her phone selfie”.

“She even asked if the video camera had a valencia.”

Is it over for the young star?

As the young music pioneer buries himself in an agonising face-palm, many of his fans are still hopeful.

One top performing finance major at the Yapland Institute and a longtime follower herself says ‘Poor Brian’ (pause) is only temporary.

“Give it a few months and he’ll be okay dude” says Karen Seeto (24).

Karen believes the YouTube sensation will pay back debts on his credit card by the time his Australian tour wraps up later this year.

“If you’ve listened to ‘Dat $tick’ or Glow like dat then you’ll know his tracks are fucking fire,” says the young Scorpio fiercely.


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“And if you apply the Fire To Earnings (FTE) Ratio I developed in my thesis, then it’s hard to see why he won’t sell out.”

“At $70 per ticket, he’ll cover that stupid shopping spree too”.

The FTE Ratio predicts how much revenue an artist will make in ticket and merchandise sales based on how good their music is.

While there’s a high chance Mr. Immanuel will pays his debts off before the calendar year ends, Karen speculates that the artist might not return all the way to his financial status prior.

“I just hope the public is okay with Middle Class Brian”


It’s been reported that Lily Maymac will not see Mr Immanuel again after the social influencers’ mother realised he is in fact, Asian too. Sources cite ‘cultural distaste’ as the official reason.

In light of Brian’s financial situation, Lily has now denied even knowing him at all.


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