From the grimy red logo of Tinder to Facebook’s soon to be developed dating service, there really is no shortage of options when it comes to finding your match.

But the increased use of technology in the courting process has attached a strict set of terms and conditions to be followed, making few activities more difficult than modern dating.

For Sarah Lim (22) from San Francisco, CA, however, that activity is driving.

As an active participant in three open relationships, all of which blossomed from Tinder, Sarah is no stranger to new age dating terms like ‘ghosting’ and ‘orbiting’.

“Ghosting is like when you cut contact with that nice guy.”

“Orbiting is when you want him at some point down the road, but like not yet.”

“…So you keep him on a string by watching his Instagram stories”

On the other hand, the words ‘merge with left lane’ and ‘give way’ seem to come in one ear before leaving the other, the same way the young Gemini silently left her most recent hookup’s apartment last night.

“These Bay Area roads are hella confusing” said the Los Angeles grown transplant to her timely 4am Uber driver. “Glad you know how to get around”

Khalil Ramesh, who only just started Uber, continued to nod in silence in response to a 35 minute rant from Downtown back to the Sunset District.

“Id totally drive if Google Maps could match me with best route…or should I say, root hehe”

Once home, Sarah begins scroll Tinder and finds four new matches. Passing her eye-test of Caucasian and tall-looking, the self-titled nympho begins to text all four strangers.

“Do you drive? *wink face* x”

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