Snapchat Streak With LG Unlocks More Serotonin Than MDMA Come Up

A quick observation of pupil size in a local LB (Little Boy) has discovered a sure-fire cure to the widely dreaded MDMA ‘comedown’.

Taking a few days off from uni to attend to his scat from last weekends hectic trap event, local LB, Marcus Wong (20) agreed to join The Yap Native’s official Serotonin Census.

The Serotonin Census is an annual study of Serotonin levels in the raver population during and after a rave. The study uses pupil dilation as an approximation for Serotonin levels.

“…And for the most part, more Serotonin means larger pupils,” notes our writer and director of the census, Jimmy Casino.

“Think of your mate Kevin, two caps in”

Jimmy reveals how his team soon became ‘shook’ when they saw the size of Marcus’s pupils.

“Cunt was beaming…Like twice the size of your little sister on her first come-up.”

“Surely still peaking or”.

Unbeknownst to the team and Jimmy at the time, Mr. Wong was in the midst of a 48 leg Snapchat streak with local LG (Little Girl), Amy Quach (19), whom he’d met at the rave.

“67 actually,” says Marcus as he kicks back with the large milk tea he was rewarded for participating.

“High stakes bro. What will I send her next?

Jimmys and the team believe the dopamine rush behind each unknown Snap is enough to trick the pupils into the same dilation caused by a gloved light show situation mid-rave (e.g. Vix in each nostril, head massage, perfect bass drop in background).

“It’s just like that stupid milk tea he’s holding. Cept, you dunno what topping you’ll get with each sip.”

Marcus however, is occupied.

“Hold my drink brah, just got a new Snap.”

A Snapchat streak refers to the consecutive times a Snap (not a chat message) has been sent back and forth between two parties. Experts believe the song ‘Non-Stop’ by the Drake should be played during said streak for maximum enjoyment.

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