South African Born Teenager Denies Indian Heritage In Front Of Black Friends

Jayshiv Chakrabarti is suffering an identity crisis like a lot of Australian kids born kids with Asian heritage. In his family, he is known as “Shivy” but when he hangs with his year 11 friends he is strictly known as ‘Jay.’

After his parents got married in 1990, the Chakrabartis moved to Durban, South Africa where Jayshiv was born. When Jayshiv was four his family moved to Woolongong, Australia where he started his schooling. 12 years later ‘Jay’ now hangs around a predominantly African-Australian groups and fellow ‘African’ Indians. Despite Hindi being his first language at home, Jay joins in on picking on students from Indian backgrounds.

Me and my niggers love to give it to the Pooonjabis,” smirked Jay.

Curry in a hurry,”  he screams at an Indian accent to a student walking past. When questioned about his heritage Jay told our reporters he was ‘kaffir at heart.’

Although he play division 2 cricket on weekends, Jay can be found playing basketball with his friends in his Cleveland Cavaliers jersey at lunch time. His favourite sports teams are The Springboks, North Queensland Cowboys, Queensland Maroons, Real Madrid and Cleveland Cavaliers. 


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