Study finds ‘Gaysians’ Under-Represented at Mardi Gras

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A study by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has found that an alarming number of gay Asians or ‘Gaysians’ are under-represented in Australia’s gay community. The research showed that the number of gay and lesbian groups in the minority Asian communities reflects that of the rest of the population.

It has been concluded that members of the Chinese, Korean, Philippines and Indian communities were extremely unlikely to actively participate in the mainstream LGBT community, while Vietnamese and Thai men and women were more likely to identify as gay or transgender.

The Yap Native’s in-field nightlife correspondent, Jimmy Casino, spoke to a Chinese-Australian man at Oxford Street today, who chose to keep his identity hidden

“This is my third Mardi Gras parade but I haven’t come out to my parents yet,” he yelled over the “woos” of the parade.

“My Dad has tried to set me up with a ton of family friends hot daughters, but I prefer white guys with yellow fever. Also I’m waiting for my Church to finally have a gay worship leader… then I might come out.”

Findings of this study is news to MP Tony Abbott who always mistook Chinese New Year as an Asian Mardi Gras. “What’s all the ruckus about in February then?”

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