TEDx Invites Indian Guy With White Gf To Give Talk On Defying The Odds
TEDx Invites Indian Guy With White Gf To Give Talk On Defying The Odds

TEDx Invites Indian Guy With White Gf To Give Talk On Defying The Odds

When preparation meets opportunity.

According to the sexual marketplace, Hanpreet Nayak (25) has what’s called the ‘3 of diamonds’.

In other words, Hanpreet was born as a South Asian Male in a Western Society.  A drastic contrast to mainstream sex symbols like Harvey Specter or any of the bachelors from The Bachelor.

Despite the odds, Hanpreet is somehow dating his Caucasian girlfriend of 3 years – Emma.

As a result, motivational speaking giant TED X has invited the commerce grad to do talk at this year’s keynote summit. 

“Hanpreet, we love your work fam” begins the email. 

“Can you do a talk on success when the odds are against you? Everyone wants to know your little secret”.

In his teenage years, Hanpreet didn’t have that much success dating. However, by picking up The Game by Neil Straus at 18 and practicing a few ‘negs’ on a few equally as insecure females when he first went out, the young gun managed to pull off a few makeouts at the club.

In turn, Hanpreet developed an unwarranted sense of confidence.

Then, at the ripe age of 21, a white girl in Hanpreet’s ethics tutorial thought that the Leo reminded her a little of Dev Patel. That white girl became his girlfriend. 

It’s the one achievement that has since defined Hanpreet’s identity as the guy who’s dating a white girl, in case you missed it. 

“I don’t want to lean into it or anything…But yeah I’m dating a white girl haha” Hanpreet casually reminds his Indian mates. 

“It’s not that hard to get with one, you just gotta embrace your own culture whilst also not being too Indian”

Despite not really achieving much else in life, Hanpreet now boils down his ‘success’ to not trying too hard to pretend he was black, like many of his Indian peers have done.

“I was strong on not going to Trill or The Carter from the start. I made sure I was hitting spots like The Cross or Newtown and listened exclusively to Triple J ”

Like many TED X talks, Hanpreet plans to regurgitate this personal anecdote and the  tips he gives his mates like it’s scientific fact. The 10 minute sound byte will then be published to millions on Youtube.

When asked why people should listen to his talk:

“Trust me, I’m dating a white girl”

More spice to come.

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