Thirsty Backpacker Accepts Fate Tomorrow Morning, Downs A Beer Hoi

A renaissance man has tonight submitted to the hands of authentic cultural experience in exchange for his dignity tomorrow morning.

The decision comes as Sydney-based accountant William Zhu (24) spotted several Beer Hoi carts enroute to this evenings pub crawl in Saigon. A long day of eating the city’s banh mi and drinking it’s pho left Zhu no choice but to down a schooner of local craft.

The lifetime adventurer now anxiously waits for the inevitable rumble in his stomach at the early hours of tomorrow, followed by a long hug of his hostels toilet bowl.

“Yeah you kind of stitched yourself up there aye” he says to himself polishing off the rest of the street brew. 

“But then again, it’s way too humid at the moment”

“It’s worth it, I’m doing this for the culture”

According to YAP Native lifestyle editor Jen Zhange, Beer Hoi or Street Beer is one of those things that are like totally bad for you, but like you do anyway, just because.

“It’s kind of like that hot girl who’s actually a psycho, a catch-22 if you will”

“Shit your guts out but get that culture or wake up feeling great and uncultured”.

William, who is now cultured, plans on drinking more Beer Hoi tonight because it goes great with the nangs.


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