Thoughtful Racist From Ryde Gives Muslims A Break To Hate On Asians

The community of Ryde is scratching their heads after hateful messages appeared against the Asian community on posters across the area. The mayor of Ryde Jerome Laxale says the “Australia is not Asia” sign seems to be a bit outdated for the modern day racist but is unacceptable nonetheless.

“It’s like Pauline Hanson in 1996 all over again. But I thought she was after the Muslim community now.” said the confused mayor. “We love the Asian community here. They’re respectful, fuel the economy and cook the best stir fry pippies in Sydney.”

Local kebab store owner Amir Idress spoke to the YAP Native and says he is both shocked and appalled at the sign but at least it’s not about the Muslims for once.  

“Bro that is fucked,” he tells our reporter. “Hope it hasn’t ruined your day… Wallah come have a kebab at my shop it’ll cheer you up.”

More spice to come.


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