Uni Love Letter Page Looking More Like A Real Life K Drama

This post was originally submitted by a follower of The Yap Native, Marc Paralejos.

Uni is back soon as are people’s post-holiday drama. A recent spike in toxic submissions on various uni love letter pages has seen student welfare become a serious issue.

One Melbourne based page in particular, is now starting to represent the plot line of Korean TV drama, with a series of confessions on top of confessions:

We reached out to students on Monash University campus to hear the gossip going around.

Josiah Pham believes its boys being boys.

“Just let it happen dude. Why are people so sensitive these days? Toxic Asian Masculinity is not a thing”.

However, Sarah Ly believes LB’s like Josiah are just part of the problem “Both LB’s & LG’s are both cooked and I would rather the days back at Kumon just to hear myself think clearly for once”.

Others, such as Harry Nguyen are more concerned with more pressing issues like the banning of Defqon and is very keen for pill testing.

“Man fuck this K Drama shit on FB, this is just normal crap which goes down at Silk. What do people expect?”  

One SRC Student Welfare Rep, Emily Chan,  who called us just before publishing this article, says it’s important to check up on friends as cuffing season is set to set in as soon as Valentines Day is over and uni is back.

“We don’t want real life Crazy Depressed Asian’s, right?”


Introducing our first ever merch:

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More K Drama to follow after O’ Week.

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