The United States Government is on high alert after classified Japanese documents suggest that the Japanese government created anime to soften the United States from the inside.

“Our investigation finds that anime is turning young white males in to ‘weebs,’” says a dejected Donald Trump in an urgent press conference held at the White House. “It’s an attack on our culture and our way of life, it’s the worst.”

Neurologists who have been urgently called in to study young white males who watch anime have found no evidence of subliminal messaging but expressed concerns for other long-term effects.

“Our studies suggest exposure to anime increases a the chance of white males contracting ‘yellow fever,’ especially those who already struggle with woman.”

A temporary travel ban has been placed for Japan while the investigation is ongoing, much to the dismay of 32 year old stay-at-home neckbeards.

More spice to come.

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