Useless Cunt Overcooks The Waygu
Useless Cunt Overcooks The Waygu

Useless Cunt Overcooks The Waygu

Local accounting student Thomas Lee (20) has tonight rendered himself as the useless cunt of the group.

The Leo sealed his fate, after leaving the Wagyu beef to sizzle well done at this evenings Korean BBQ.

“TGIF!” exhaled the useless cunt as he took his moment to soak in the atmosphere, whilst $50 of meat went to waste. 

“Who wants to do some soj?! Fuck how goods soj boys!?”

The boys, who after a long week of enjoying the university holidays were ready to throw down a few shots of Grape soju alongside a full stomach of Korean BBQ delights, say Tom has pretty much ruined their night.

“Don’t think the cunt realises how much he fucked up our evening” says Vinny Singh. “I eat Indian food 5 days out of 7, so when I get Korean, I want it to be 맛있는.”

“I want my Hanwoo medium rare and my Samgyupsal salty ay-eff”

One of the boys girlfriends, Selena Tang had the following to add:

“Fucking guy…If I wanted to chew on a dehydrated rump I would have gone West Ryde steak”

Thomas on the otherhand, says everyone should calm the fuck down because it’s Friday and that it’s ‘just kbqq’.

“My mum cooked me well done steaks till i was 19 this is all I know bro.”

“I mean, common guys…TGIF!”

After hearing Thomas talk shit on KBBQ and use the phrase ‘TGIF’, our reporter cut the interview off.

Enjoy your evenings and don’t overcook your meat.

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