Viet Fucboi Just Wants Someone To Cuddle
Viet Fucboi Just Wants Someone To Cuddle

Viet Fucboi Just Wants Someone To Cuddle

Believe it or not but Vandi Tran (21) just wants a cuddle. Preferably from someone who enjoys both MDMA caps on Saturdays and going for pho runs on Sundays.

The Jobkeeper beneficiary and full-time fucboi revealed to The Native today, that cooking a new Dan Hong recipe every Friday night doesn’t really mean anything, without a special someone to share it with.

“I mean look I like like a sexy cunt but I feel like the shittest cunt”

“I just can’t bro”

With winter looming around the corner, Vandi is hoping to recreate some of the warm fuzzy feelings he had with Sefton-raised LG, Selina Nguyen, last year at Midnight Mafia.

“After I gave her a shoulder ride she gave me a hectic neck massage”

“Lovey dovey or what cuz?”

Mustering his inner Romeo, Vandi slides into Ms Nguyen’s direct messages via Instagram.

“You up? x”

About a minute passes before Selina starts to type only to stop. She types one more time before stopping completely, leaving Vandi in a hopeless abyss known as the ‘seen zone’.

To add insult to injury, Selina uploads a new photo just 30 minutes with Justin Pham, a more seasoned fucboi who has access to more drugs than Vandi.

“Lockdown with this one” Reads the caption.


Introducing our first ever merch:

The LB x LG Tee


Plenty of spice, but not much cuddles to come.


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