Say what you will but Daphne Truong just wants to get tagged. Tagged at Rosford Park on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights that is.

As much as the 19 year old LV bag enthusiast loves an LB hitting her up via her ‘daphne.dw’ Instagram story, Ms Truong wants to keep her interactions with the opposite sex strictly on the Oztag field during school nights.

“I just want to play tag yeah? Fuck off yeah?” reads her last reply to a KPMG graduate she met last week at Sanctuary bar.

“Annoying af”

Playing in an aggressive division one mixed-team across three nights, Daphne says without a rave on the horizon, it’s a necessary move to take care of her boredom.

“I can’t just take imports everyday you know? I need some action in my life. Serotonin nothing”

According to her teammate Cindy Nguyen however, ‘Daphne Don’t Worry’ is just looking to secure Benny Do, dreamy Mc’Stud and default captain of their Tuesday night ‘Tags Not Hot’ team.

“Lesbihonest. Daph is sick of fucbois who don’t text her back and bitchbois who try to take her to The Quay on the first date”

“She’s just wants to be a QT.314 for a little”

As the weekend approaches with no plans in motion, Daphne begins to wonder how she’ll tee up situation where Benny will make a move on her.

“Karaoke this weekend?” she messages the group chat.

More spice to come.

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