Western Sydney Scorpio Signs Off 2019 With “thank u, next”
Western Sydney Scorpio Signs Off 2019 With “thank u, next”

For social media dynamo Angelina Cao (26, Parramatta), 2019 was a groundbreaking year of live, laugh and love.

She ticked off some serious feats from her bucket list like boomeranging a soju cheers for 52 weekends in a row, dying her hair purple ombre, and even taking the time to learn why she’s incompatible with Sagittarius’s.

So as the clock ticks away the end of the year, it’s time for the Scorpio to summarise twenty-nineteen in four words.

“Thank u 2019, next”

The caption, which plays on a popular Ariana Grande title, gives ‘life’ to both her Instagram post, as well as any followers who see the hyper-relevant selfie of Angelina in a shoulderless top at a house party.

“This is everything” replies another dynamo from the area Vivianne. “It gives me life. I can’t even”.

But what @angel_lima_x’s fans like Vivianne haven’t yet realised is: there’s still more can’t even to come.

The next post just moments later is an Insta-story story of Angelina mouthing lyrics to the fairly unheard “Taste” by Tyga.

“It’s all the same, like Mary-Kate” users can see Angelina and hear Tyga whispering over the story.

“Taste, taste, she can get a taste.”

We caught up with Angelina to find out how she uncovered such a banger. We so far haven’t got a straight answer from the Scorpio.

“I’m just glad Sagittarius season is over”

[taste, taste]

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