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White Friend Who Loves Asia Auditions For Chinese Dating Show ‘If You Are The One’

White Friend Who Loves Asia Auditions For Chinese Dating Show ‘If You Are The One’

Tyler Pilesman (25, Double Major Honours in Chinese International Studies and Aerospace Engineering) has always called Australia home, but has heard the alluring call of The Orient in his dreams, China. 

After graduating from the University of Melbourne, Tyler applied for the Chinese Dating Show ‘If You Are The One’. 

Fei Cheng Wu Rao (If You Are The One) is a Chinese dating game show hosted by Meng Fei AKA Grandpa Meng. Loosely based on the Taken Out format from Australia (which bombed), the show is produced by JSBC: Jiangsu Television. 24 single women judge whether a single man is worthy to take them out. Each girl chooses whether to keep a light on for the man, which indicates her interest in him. After a series of rounds introducing their prospective beau, the number of girls filters down to one or two. If the man agrees, the pair are whisked off to a romantic island getaway.

Tyler shared with The Native “Look guys, it’s not a yellow fever thing. I’m ACTUALLY Asian on the inside, call me an egg.”

“And if Chinese girls love a white guy, then who am I to deny them of the experience? It’s win win, quid pro quo.”

Tyler had all 24/24 girls keep their lights on for him. Which forced him to bring more polarising exercises.

“I asked all of them to perform Uchiha Itachi’s (Naruto) hand ninja signs for Grand Fireball.”

“Safe to say, it took out at least half of the Asian angels. Made my decision way easier.”

Jimmy Casino, Head Sickcunt and Journalist at The Native, delved further into Tyler’s origins, curious as how this genuine bloke came to love Asian women without being fueled by racist and misogynistic motives. 

Tyler’s Asian DNA originated from Dragon Ball Z as a young boy. But one day, his Asian journey hit a new plateau, after seeing his first ABG in highschool, a Japanese girl named Emiko Yamazaki. 

Since then, every move he’s made was to prepare him for the eventual move to China. 

As a bright child, he naturally gravitated to the high performance academic highschools known as ‘Selective Schools’, where Asian children enter, after being bred in coaching schools for 13 years. 

“Mum, I love vegemite and toast, but I also love Chinese food, especially honey prawns, love that shit. Is this alright?”

“I’m not sure son, how about you come to trivia at the local RSL this Wednesday? Maddie Johnson is going to be there”

“Na I don’t like Maddie, she’s just not… cultured enough, or kawaii desu.”

“You know the movie Memoirs of a Geisha we saw the other night Mum? I want a girl who is like that”

More bi-racial spice to come.

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