White Girl At Sikh Wedding Pretty Sure She's The Only Woman Drinking

White Girl At Sikh Wedding Pretty Sure She’s The Only Woman Drinking

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Just this morning 24 year old Brittany Matthews couldn’t be more excited to be attending an Indian wedding. Visually, it was everything she had pictured from her vague memory of Bend It Like Beckham. Lots of music, colourful dresses and exotic jewellery. However after a few reds, Brittany has started to notice something in her slightly drunken condition.

She’s the only woman drinking.

Tina Kaur, who had invited Brittany to her cousin’s wedding has been nursing her lemonade for the last 30 minutes. To her left, Tina’s mum is staring off into the distance looking surprisingly bored (as if she had done this several times before) but she hasn’t touched her drink either. Adding to Brittany’s confusion is her memory of Tina being one of her most alcoholic friends, usually drinking more than she can handle before she is found in the bathroom crying between tac-voms. Brittany soon realises she might be only woman drinking at this wedding reception as her eyes dart between tables desperately looking for another woman who has thrown a few back with her. Finally Brittany turns to Tina to investigate. “Why aren’t you drinking?”

“SSSHHH!”  Tina snaps back aggressively. “My parents don’t know I drink.”

Bewildered, Brittany stops drinking in order to save face from a group of people she will never see again.

Later in the night Brittany was briefly seen on the dance floor before returning to her seat due to the number of drunk Indian men trying to dance with her.


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