White Girl Returns From Korea With A Serious Case Of Yellow Fever
White Girl Returns From Korea With A Serious Case Of Yellow Fever

A vegan journalist from Sydney’s inner-west has today returned with a serious case of yellow fever.

Billie Drew (24), has ditched her vinyl records and is done with dive bars in Newtown. She now only listens to K-pop and has hit up her Asian co-worker Cheryl to take her Asian clubbing this Saturday.

“I’m over uncultured places like Webster’s. All they do is play Sean Kingston. I just want to get table service, drink long islands and do lines at Embassy”

Despite describing herself as a progressive, the Virgo has never considered any Asian dating options ever due to lack of masculine examples in western media – as exemplified in a now deleted Tweet from 2013 reading “Can Asian guys even have sex lmao?”

That was until the mid-way point of her trip, which saw the Pedestrian.tv writer attend two K-pop concerts and clock up 14 hours of Korean drama (Kingdom, 2019) during downtime at various hostels.

The passport-stamper now takes a different stance on Eastern Asian men.

Note: Billie categorises South-Eastern Asian men as Latino.

“Softboys are cute as fk but you wouldn’t understand unless watched BTS live in Seoul” Billie tells our reporter whilst making a heart shape with her hands.

“Besides, ethnicity is a social construct. I date based on who the person is because I’m not superficial like that.”

Ms. Drew would later note “Eurasian babies are so fucking hot”

With her current location now pinned as ‘Sydney’ on her Instagram, but her heart still in Korea, Billie starts to realise it was not only the men, but the amazing food she tried.

Confusing Korea with a Japan trip she did two years prior – where she starved herself due to lack of Vegan options, Billie offers her thoughts.

“The edamame went off in Tokyo – I’ll be back.”


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