White Girl Unsure If Her Filo Boyfriend Counts As First Asian

Local arts student and culture enthusiast Zoe Freeman just got thrown a curveball in her Introduction to Asian Film class.

As legendary Kung-fu actor Jackie Chan came up on the lecture slides, Zoe’s classmate Steph Baker, unknowingly opened up a can of worms.

“He’s hot for an Asian. You ever thought about dating one Zo?”

“First of all ew. Second, I haven’t thought that far ahead cos I’m seeing Miguel.”

After a fake laugh from both ladies, Steph suddenly gets serious.

“Hold up…isn’t Miguel…Asian?”

“Nah he’s Filo” replies Zoe, a little confused.

After a brief pause, Steph cuts the bullshit.

“Yeah that’s Asian”

Zoe is shocked. She’s never had an Asian before. Miguel’s last name is Bautista. He’s sexually attractive and he also sounds American when he sings. There’s just nooo way he’s oriental.

“Zo, you gotta realise that Filos are basically the Chinese Mexicans of Asia. Still Asian tho”

In true ‘Into the wild’ style, Zoe’s relationship with Miguel starts the flash before her eyes. Those times he talked, played guitar and sang to her…was it in English?

“Miguel, where’s the filopeens?” texts Zoe.

More confused white girls to come.

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