White Jock Reckons Chinese Girl Is 'Hot For An Asian'

White Jock Reckons Chinese Girl Is ‘Hot For An Asian’

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Sally Liu (24) has been left stumped once again after potential sexual partner Tom Sterling (28), dished out a backhanded compliment to her at during a night out at Marquee Club @ The Star Sydney.

You’re hot for an Asian,” he screamed over the electronic dance music being played at one of Sydney’s remaining few nightclubs. “Are you halfie or some shit?”

Despite being a second generation Australian from Chinese-Malaysian background, this isn’t the first time Sally has received a compliment for her looks dressed with a racial undertone. “I get it all the time and if confuses the shit out of me. Do they think I’m hot until they realise I’m Asian? Or do they think all Asians are unattractive until they met me?”

Sally is considered one of the lucky few according to fellow night-clubber Sanjay, who’s a first generation Australian of Indian descent. “Bro I can’t even get girls to dance with me. They think I’m one of the guys who will ask them for nudes on Facebook or some shit.” Sanjay was later seen leaving the nightclub with a large group of Indian blokes at 11:30pm.

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