In a shock move this year, Californian-based Youtube filmographers ‘Wong Fu Productions’ will be stepping outside their comfort zone and producing a feature film about Asian issues.

“It’s something we’ve never done before” said one of its founders, Philip Chan.

“We wanted to capture the essence of the Asian struggle for younger professionals, but as a series”

“So instead of one slightly comedic yet melodramatic nine minute video to cover these issues, we’ll be doing a series of five.”

“Keep it fresh you know”

Yappies which is due to be released on June 20th, will cover the societal issues of Asian Americans from the perspective of a guy named Andrew and his group of friends.

Experts strongly predict that Asian females between the age 20 to 30 will bookmark the series once live, and use it as a reference point for their own professional, social and dating lives.

“Expect some tacky but effective one-liners. Maybe they’ll top Strangers, again.”

More Youtube skits to come.

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