Work Friendship Takes Hiatus as Colleagues Patiently Await the Return of NBA Season

The conclusion of the NBA season has been mirrored by the friendship of two work colleagues, Mike and Anthony, who have seemingly stopped talking. After spending every second day together at lunch during the playoffs, their otherwise boisterous relationship has become nothing more than idle small talk as they pass each other through the office.

“Got much on this weekend?” Offers Mike.

“Nah mate how about you?” Replies Anthony.

“Me and the boys are heading out on the boat to do some fishing.”

Anthony, who knows fuck all about fishing decides to put the two of them out their collective misery.

“Oh cool mate well I’ll talk to you later got to slay the email monster ha ha.”

Breathing a sigh of relief Anthony heads back to his desk and vows not to engage with Mike until October.

“Didn’t realise he was such an awkward cunt,” Anthony tells the Native.



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